Our Services


Commercial & Domestic Debt Recovery

We're different we will in the first instance make contact with the Debtor and then immediately start doorstep recovery. This is the most professional approach and shows that there is a clear presence with your case. There are far too may companies within our Arena that will make calls and send letters. Whilst we will make contact with the Debtor by use of these means we will investigate and actually make face to face contact.


Private Investigation

Private investigators play an important role in assisting individuals, law enforcement agencies and corporations. Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons or performing research for legal, financial or criminal investigations. As a private investigator, you have the option of working for private citizens, attorneys, and businesses or you may decide to open your own agency.


Close Protection & Bodyguard

Essentially a close protection officer is employed to ensure the safety of their principle. The principle will often be an individual, or family who could be a target for assault, kidnapping, terrorist attacks and other threats. Celebrities and high net worth individuals will also employ protection officers, to safeguard them from various types of threat.