Professional Debt Recovery & Private Investigation

Professional Debt Recovery & Private Investigation

Professional Debt Recovery & Private InvestigationProfessional Debt Recovery & Private InvestigationProfessional Debt Recovery & Private Investigation

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About Us

Dect Recovery & Private Investigation


The Recovery Company are an elite Organisation based between 12 offices throughout the UK. We have over 40 Agents around the country who are seasoned and experienced in all aspects of Debt Recovery & Security Services. 

All of our Security Officers are SIA qualified and trained in Close protection. 

We are a private company who respect our clients discretion, with the ability to perform an assessment of any debt to ascertain whether the debt is in fact recoverable. We provide expert advice and all meetings and correspondence are free and without obligation.

We use the very best in Track & Trace services and only escalate cases through the court system if absolutely necessary. This is very important as a lot of companies will take an initial fee and then write letters to your debtors in the hope they make contact and discuss a resolution.

We're different we will in the first instance make contact with the Debtor and then immediately start doorstep recovery. This is the most professional approach and shows that there is a clear presence with your case. There are far too may companies within our arena that will only make calls and send letters. Whilst we will make contact with the Debtor by use of these means, we will investigate and actually make face to face contact.

We record all of our Face to Face contacts for our own protection and all recordings are documented legally and stored securely in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation for Customer Compliance.

Private Investigation


Most of our staff are made up of Veteran Soldiers and Ex Police. We have the skill set to assist with delicate matters and everything is highly private and confidential.

Private Investigation goes hand in hand with what we do. We will take the time to listen to your enquiry and then make an informed decision as to whether we can assist. Our staff are SIA Licensed and therefore understand the protocols required for such matters.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We will not waste your time. If a debt is recoverable we will go through the process with you and manage your expectations as to how it will be achieved. That's said, if a debt is not recoverable we will take the time to explain why. Not every debt is recoverable!